Preliminary contest of national sufficient world advocate Guangzhou the Milky way is decided at the beginning of field

Consider the country is sufficient the climate of country of association of member of place of adversary of 40 strong competition and other do contest requirement, china is sufficient assist preliminary already and affirmatory team of before 40 strong competition two matches advocate field arrangement is in Guangzhou sports center of the Milky way.

Si Telin is permissive and off graceful city longs for him lunar base is recoverable give battle emperor horse

Direct seeding on Feburary 10 dispatch ” daily Post ” report, graceful city decides to give Sitelin period of leave, hopeful of base of this England nation is caught up with the crucial battle of Ou Guan giving fight and emperor horse. Be forced to defer because of weather reason with the league matches of couplet of Mu of the Western Han Dynasty last weekend, graceful city already

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