Ross admits this responsibility eventually! His within an inch of does not have the account that the ball can call

Junior do not know genu precious, often will hope casing sky weeps.

Ross is in recently interview in admitted this really publicly, because oneself are overconfident to the body of period of at the height of power and splendour, brought about at present such ” awkward ” place.

The United States was represented 2010 in them ” dream 9 teams ” when attending male basket world cup, ross does warm-up to protect his behavior sniff to a few old players. He tells the reporter of BR, when the warm-up of body of a few protection is being done before seeing when him prosperous is surpassed than Lupusi on the west, still have when seeing Aoduomu does warm up of a few situp, oneself always think they are not with me on a level, warm up still has safeguard of what, him from the start does not need.

At that time oneself can buckle basket not to go up absolutely basket, think now, that him moment is too young still, now oneself very regret to did not follow older generation study how to protect his at the outset, prevent injury.

Covert not decelerate, buckle basket not to hang casing, be born not amortize, this is to bring about Ross the reason with so frequent now injury, also be him once junior and flighty capital, come as nearly 20 years fitness is the strongest full back of exploded Number One Scholar, ross coverts quickly in the sluggish empty ability that follows train in excess specified length and sky substantially pull rod lets adversary impossible to defend effectively, can follow dozen of standard because of wind of this kind of ball namely, adscititious and high frequency rate comes on the stage for long, encounter in the future for Ross ” slippery iron Lu ” the injury like buries next foreshadowing.

Before this, after he what serve as a new show guides ox team to come to Jordan most the times of at the height of power and splendour, took year of such as NBA field of sports season of champion of challenge of skill of optimal new show, complete star, 2010-11 all 25 minutes 4 board 7.7 aid, ross became the youngest MVP on the history, selected NBA optimal battle array, completely star head hair waits this kind honorary award a moment, it is OK that alliance published Ross clause to make more so young like him have gifted player again even 2011 earlier win contract carrying firewood on the head.

What do not cross all these is brilliant stop abruptly in a year later. Ross hopes with fan the thing that produce happened least of all, also be the thing that final regret mentions when he is recollected, a wheel pair is surpassed after season blast in the match of Philadelphia, ross jumps before pace dribble lets his left knee, crossed ligament ruptures. And this one injury open Ross relapses the nightmare of injury.

13-14 year Ross front line reappears, his after the injury returns more his spring raised 5 centimeters even, can make a way as before Biao Han, do not have any wanting that protect oneself intent completely, do not have more from before the least bit experience is absorbed in wounded process. The likelihood looks in him, oneself this with respect to extraordinary, getting hurt also is accident merely, minor accident.

Nevertheless the thing is not such, because meniscus is torn off, ross submits an expense account again, meniscus of 14-15 sports season submits an expense account the 2nd times, the Ross later, already former days scene no longer. . . . . .

Skill gentleman Ross this interview take write, it is to tell everybody, must notice to cherish oneself body, the body is revolutionary capital forever, even if be the Aoduomu that Luosidi goes to, be fond of so overdraw oneself person, can become the small of the back that becomes sit-ups to protect his.

Say so, before no matter be in,having other and intense campaign, must make the preparation before good warm up, contest, when wanting to cannot have been redeemed in oneself, the error that recollects him past again.

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