Red ox government films day ” beautiful muscle ” Austria will be revealed upgrade entirely

Gong Niu will be brought in Austria upgrade set

Red oxcart team films in the government of silver-colored stone circuit meridian not only discharge dropped cobweb, and still tried a few new assemblies.

Mai Kesi – because Weisidapan is opposite for England of foreign tourist keep apart a system and absent test-drive, the Alex that lives for a long time in England – Aerben takes on had test-drive heavy responsibility.

Use test of 2018 old cars to differ with benefit of Meisaidesi, farad, gong Niu used RB16 of 2020 new cars to have a test.

According to the report says: Gong Niu thinks to be covered newly in what they check before sports season more beneficial. In these upgrading a most apparent, namely ” installation of fim of new hedgehog type is in close parallelly with floor brim buccal coping ” . Such designs can make Gong Niu angry shed oriented rear wheel.

The report still says Gong Niu still is considering to install the fim in motherboard forehead all the time piece appearance, amount and position, in order to realize diversion. Of the ala before Gong Niu still was analysed bend degree and switch coming back.

Everybody is paying close attention to Gong Niu to upgrade in the round in what Austria brings now, the Meisaidesi before this and Reynolds had affirmed, will take a few new assemblies to arrive Austria, and the cycle racing change that farad interest represents them is very little.

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