NBC recovery United States surpasses hookup authority Fox publicly to end cooperation actively

The United States surpasses the champion that defend crown publicly Wu Delan heart

Beijing time on June 29, the United States is surpassed publicly from this year alar foot begins return NBC TV station, because of Fox sports (Fox Sports) the requirement that had put forward to end a contract 12 years to American golf association.

Personages of 3 know the inside story that understand this one change directly express, all these happened in the past two weeks. They are accept below faceless circumstance those who interview, because this one agreement still does not have pair of grandfather cloth. Estimate announcement to will be made on Monday.

The United States makes public contest to plan last weeks to hold formerly, but bring about beautiful make one’s rounds to surpass come to a standstill because of new coronal epidemic situation 3 months, match must remit to will come 20 days on September 17, still be in new York alar foot.

NBC begins direct seeding United States to make public contest from 1995, arrive all the time 2014, because of American golf association and Fox TV station lot fell 12 years, value the agreement of 1 billion dollar. This contract began to carry out 2015.

Fox TV station first direct seeding United States is surpassed publicly is Xiyatuna the Chambers bay of the face, greg – Norman is presiding ball is judged. But later, paul of the header before the champion before American PGA tounament and Lai heart cup – Axinge (PaulAzinger) replace, became number one male voice.

Personage of a message expresses, NBC can pay the rest of coming the copyright fee of contract half only.

Personage of additionally two messages says the agreement shapes this month, because the United States makes public contest to remove,basically be September, as it happens opens the first month of season in rugger NFL.

Personage of a message states Fox TV station once considered to make public the United States contest to transfer FS1 station, but American golf association is presiding apparitor Michael – Davis (MikeDavis) different idea is done so. This drew the talk with more thorough to the contract both sides, and how should solve this problem.

Fox TV station is in hard place at the beginning from the contract, the tounament because of American golf association — basically be open competition and amateur game — it is the exclusive golf program that they design.

Message personage expresses, what NBC will be in charge of a contract is final 7 years, arrive all the time 2026. Before they did not say who meets what direct seeding United States surpasses publicly two rounds. According to the contract that signs before NBC, ESPN is in charge of be being mixed on Thursday the contract on Friday.

Before ESPN has American PGA tournament now two rounds of direct seeding counterpoise, and CBS direct seeding on the weekend.

Kangkasite (Comcast) subordinate NBC, and American golf channel, have the United States to make public contest, England now the copyright of cup of heart of tournament of tounament of open competition, player, 3 worlds golf, Lai and presidential cup. Besides, after the new media agreement that beautiful make one’s rounds surpasses begins, direct seeding of one annual meeting surpasses their every other after season of confederative express cup.

The TV copyright of all vole that NBC and American golf channel still have LPGA itinerate contest and champion itinerate competition at the same time.

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