Wu Lei grabs an eye! Speed grinds the trip after pressing sheet of Huang Mafei ala to carry Lamosi

Wu Lei position is good today

The match that Spaish is the same as emperor horse tonight is fetching all the more attention, the Wu Lei that takes up the post of outside right also is the same as emperor polo star for many times antagonism of front of Masailuo and Azaer happening.

The match the 26th minute, wu Lei and the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of equestrian a place of strategic importance again openly PK, masailuo stops a ball largish, wu Lei is grabbed grab the ball before Masailuo, take a ball to swing Masailuo subsequently, grab before Azaer includes mix, the Enbaerba of the road in passing the ball, enbaerba answers the ball subsequently do right way high speed to insert the Wu Lei that go up.

Masailuo is cast off after the field after Wu Lei breaks a ball

Fierce Lei straight face pulls Mo Si, the road in going to everything has tried to drop Lamosi, at this moment he and Lamosi appear body contact, was in outside forbidden zone. Nevertheless the referee was not sentenced punish Lamosi to foul, the both hands of fierce Lei lay open that falls on the ground, the expression with one fab face, laugh helplessly subsequently, apparent Wu Lei thinks Spaish should gain free kick opportunity.

Had tried to pull trip of Mo Si result to be in the ground

Subsequently hookup camera lens shows, highest sprint speed of Wu Lei is 30.8km/h, and highest sprint speed of Masailuo is 26.6km/h, on speed, wu Lei surpassed Masailuo to prepare apparently.

Wu Lei top speed exceeds Masailuo

(Lin Dengmo)

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