Sina sports signs Yaoaonier to achieve socialization to turn commercial tomorrow in all

A few days ago, sina sports and Authentic Brands Group (American brand runs a company, abbreviation ABG) reach collaboration, er of Sha Kui of star of legend of the NBA below will responsible banner – O’Neil (Shaquille O ‘ Neal) the gregarious media operation that is in China and business affairs development work. This also is the chief NBA that sina sports carries in gregarious media business Wu domain is signed top class star, will nod to be cut with gregarious media in the future, make O’Neil be in China sports sale system.

Graph: O’Neil

Sina sports helps strength O’Neil ” play turn ” Chinese gregarious media

Have one of legend giants of consequence most as NBA, o’Neil is no matter still be in in player period after retiring, have exceed strong person energy of life. On overseas socialization website, o’Neil has vermicelli made from bean starch of 6 million Facebook; And go up in Twitter, amount of his vermicelli made from bean starch is to be as high as 14.9 million more, all these, come from his regnant force below backboard not simply, more result from the sense of humor of his develop a school of one’s own and weight lifting are like light life manner.

Be worth what carry is, o’Neil is on Chinese socialization media, have superhigh person energy of life likewise. Up to now, he is small quantity of rich vermicelli made from bean starch already exceeded 800 thousand, after sina sports reachs collaboration this with ABG, the small gain of will comprehensive responsible O’Neil and shake phonic operation business, build with its oneself more communicate directly, will ” great shark ” the diversity figure of healthy and active, devotee front courtyard and ‘ Bigger Than Life ‘ life manner is reductive give China fan, take more to interact to them with welfare.

This to home for O’Neil’s fan, will be brand-new experience — the humour in humanness take delight in talking about, humor besides, the comfort that what is familiar with for everybody does O’Neil still have to hear? Does he treat domestic manner? What new dream does he have again after retire? All these, will take over relevant job in sina sports hind, it is Chinese fan one by one of O’Neil to announce.

1+1 is more than of 2 double win cooperation

Although retire old, o’Neil never has been far from fan it seems that people the line of sight. He holds NBA news analyst concurrently personally at present, the many parts such as media person, DJ, investor, the business that built individual brand successfully is Caesarean. During new coronal epidemic situation resides a segregation, he passes gregarious media ” the DJ on the line ” means, participate in commonweal collect, encourage people hopeful face.

It is reported, besides responsible O’Neil gregarious media operation is relevant besides business, sina sports also is in charge of O’Neil be on domestic business assistance, line at the same time, the activity below the line is attended wait for series brand rights and interests to develop business, this will pull the distance of associate of close home potential business and this NBA giant star further. Regard NBA as one of the most well-known players, o’Neil has very high person morale and force in home. And lend force its a medium consequence is encircled in domestic basketball fan, card of item on display of solid of Yu Gong having keep in mind, develop is in the sports field force, business that sells the market, will achieve the sale result of get twice the result with half the effort. Meanwhile, o’Neil will issue league matches and domestic goal fan are close interactive communicating achieve match 3X3 gold formerly through sina sports division. Since 3X3 gold league matches founded 2015, the match obtained international basket couplet not only (FIBA) official attestation, more work up is become gradually ” the whole world is the greatest match of 3 people basketball ” , cooperate with O’Neil, will conduce to match future extending a match be in further global consequence.

A big giant star is coming

Sina sports this with respect to O’Neil the relevant business such as small gain operation and ABG reach collaboration, it is the inchoation of bilateral collaboration only. Hold water at the ABG 2010, its are the biggest partner is the BlackRock of asset management company with the greatest whole world (Beilaide) , end 53 brands are owned in all below ABG banner at present, cover the numerous field such as sports of lifestyle, recreation and media.

Among them, in sports domain, ABG is tasted besides the individual that has O’Neil besides the card, another when still have golf field ” become known shark ” , winner of vole match champion giant star of Greg Norman, NBA, byname ” Dr. J ” Julius Ervine, and boxing Wang Ali, have representative sports medium most ” sports pictorial ” wait for a series of sports brands, sina sports already also took over the company intermediary operation of these brands and commerce to develop the work stage by stage.

Data shows, sina sports provides consequence and one of professional sports sale platform most as entire network, sina sports small gain has number of 334 matrix Zhang, accumulative total of order of Zhang of this a bit rich accumulated more than 300 million vermicelli made from bean starch for sina sports, day all the topic reads a quantity to exceed 1 billion. The user of powerful vermicelli made from bean starch that matrix of sina sports small gain accumulates, will issue each star brand to land sina small gain to hit next solid people to enrage a foundation for ABG banner, and the sina sports of psychology of lover of each athletic sports of home of deep know well, interest, also will offer the small gain topic that has interactive sex and hookup value most for each star in future, help them build favorable brand effect further in home, final, effect of this kind of brand, will show with the form of value of its brand commerce come out.

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