This field armistice! Yi Jianlian of Guangdong VS Tianjin was not entered come on the stage player list

Direct seeding dispatch CBA convention was surpassed on June 29, tianjin is opposite the match of a Guangdong is about to begin.

This field match comes on the stage player name sheet is announced, yi Jianlian is absent among them, this means his Benchangbi contest general armistice.

He is opposite in on one the play in the match of a Fujian is outstanding, first chop 25 minutes alone, full-court gives battle 16 minutes to get 5 bank 32 minutes, become CBA convention to surpass historical backboard king.

Relevant news: Another data lord! Convention of CBA of Yi Jianlian coronate surpasses historical backboard king


[origin: Direct seeding]

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