Shanghai Great Master is surpassed whether will be decision of the middle ten days of a month held in July already made a variety of beforehand case

Suffer effect of global epidemic situation, contest of tennis ATP itinerate begins come to a standstill since March 19, provisional on August 14 intermediary heat. The basis announces at present 8, contest all through the ages will look in September, contest of Great Master of 3 two vole match, ATP1000 will be held in succession between two months.

Current, the preparatory progress of each match how? Recently, shanghai labor person the video that the Great Master surpassed Hua Yong of chief inspector Lv to accept CGTN sports to report covers even the line, shared the preparatory circumstance of game of Shanghai tennis master.

Shanghai labor person master game is ATP1000 match.

Ask: Does labor person Great Master surpass the Shanghai this year whether hold smoothly?

Lv Huayong: ATP government and organization of all itinerate contest just made the intermediary heat plan of about 70 pages together, all sorts of safe regulations that include to restart match place is abided by among them, proposal and standard.

In the past a few game of labor person master is in month of Shanghai to be made in the light of different situation all the time different beforehand case, also wait for each with Shanghai sports bureau relevant orgnaization is maintaining close communication. The hope can be in the middle ten days of a month will decide whether the match this year can be held in July.

Ask: What formidable challenge can preparatory phase encounter in the match?

Lv Huayong: What we care most is all still related to the match the safety of personnel is mixed healthy. We considered different case, have the case that for instance empty field handles contest, or be patient of 5 into, 4 into even the 3 cases that into the audience present view surpasses.

Because situation of international epidemic situation still is put in a lot of uncertainty, we will change according to epidemic situation, according to national sports total bureau relevant policy, basis and the negotiation that organize about international do the relevant details of contest finally certainly as a result, had done corresponding beforehand case, in order to ensure the match maintains highest and safe level in firm order.

Hua Yong of Lv of match chief inspector (right) .

Ask: Does you have and other match just maintain Chinese sports season contact?

Lv Huayong: Have, we are maintaining close connection all the time. Our meeting and controller of match of contest of other ATP itinerate have international panel discussion regularly, communication frequency maintains at least in every week two. We each other share an opinion, the hope can advance a match to hold.

Shanghai labor person master game is the Asia stands exclusively ATP1000 Great Master is surpassed, we and in station of net, Chengdu, and the Asian sports season that the match such as Zhuhai station forms, it is the main component that ATP itinerate surpasses.

The international tennis regression in Asian city, to tennis world and China the sense is extraordinary, this sponsors a city to all matches, including Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu and Zhuhai is very important thing.

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