Cling to the field in Brazil of Sa official announce joins in You Wen turns membership due total prices 82 million euro

Beijing time is late on June 29, barcelona government announces Er of graph of Brazilian player A turns can join in Youwentusi.

Cling to Sa turns in the government can disclose in statement, of Atuer turn membership due is as high as 72 million euro, still have the additional provision of 10 million euro additionally. Write down Sijila to report according to the name, you Wen offerred a by a definite date 5 years to Atuerdi, yearly salary the contract of 5.2 million euro.

Atuer is 23 years old, joined in 2018 cling to Sa, be in cling to in two sports season of Sa effectiveness, altogether is cling to Sa gives fight 71 matches, infiltrate 4 balls, have secondary attack 6 times.

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