The most beautiful fertilizer needs the rich and powerful family in fan dream! Look water machine also be door technology work

Do you know this my dear friend?

If let you go a rich and powerful family, actor is chosen in the sheet of name of 229 people player of actor, which hole the most adjacent ” do you go on you ” ?

Need not say, a lot of fan can blurt out: The 3rd door general!

This can be a fat difference, those who having player of rich and powerful family is resonant renown head, all the year round even a few years of in the end also cannot go up, even if enter the court,also be indifferent match likely. More never mention it still can train one case together with world-class stars hey, call each other brothers plays to be patted oneself. Pay? I am indifferent to, you are looked at go!

Never mention it entered the court, bench may not sits

In football world, the 3rd door general is a kind of special person absolutely.

They are without existence to feel almost, oneself fan remembers having so number person is right, the fan that fasten the home says impossibly basically; The bench below normal circumstance does not sit, the short-haired pelt child of young group arrived sports season end can each enters the court smooth, the 3rd door general however may not is scooped up even if,get opportunity of rotate of half of a game or contest; Training cannot be late cannot absent from work, arrived race day still is however can with water machine join…

Our fan says is fat difference, that is of course, we does not do this again, going really is pure then mix. But the family eats this bowl of meal, always have oneself professional program and pursuit, should carry program good-looking water the part of machine, can not be the assignment with relaxed what.

Shi Dake: What you enter the court likely really is good

A bit the most intuitionistic: Although possibility is extremely little, but as the 3rd door general, should make the preparation that good dying recieves orders really!

Is Bai Renqiu confused people why hep will the 3rd apply a tower to overcome? When because be in,Nuo Yi Er and Wuerlaixi encounter injury is perplexed, count go into battle of second a suit of armour as 3 Shidake, still created retreat and answer return, the famous Duan Zi that in Bai Ren you cannot retire even. Other do not say, want the door and 2 one injuries to stop one person only, 3 have to go up bench, if head hair door will be punished to fall again — this probability some.

14 years ago, qieerxi encountered extremely unusual situation, a ball hurt two house will. Hillary of 3 door general abstruse staged show of La Jun head so, and this field head show or in Stanford bridge 0 cling to Sa! Hillary of that sports season abstruse give fight 18, 8 0 adversary, also gave up fan people misgive and anxious, it may be said not disgrace mission.

Qieerxi 3 Menxilaliao passes 0 times in those days cling to Sa

Said moreover, the club pays you the money, not be to let you come of course of dawdle. And a when serve as team, 3 at ordinary times the chemical reaction that expression also can affect whole group undoubtedly. Career later period has held the position of 3 famous general Shiwaze to express in Qieerxi:

“This position is bad to suffer, but likewise important is the state of mind that keeps active, do correct business… if you appear depressed, this meeting affects other player. They hope you take out best level, ensure the we all that trains together with you is taken out main. Ensure the we all that trains together with you is taken out main..

Accomplish this to be able to not allow easy. Just think, no matter how you try hard to train, so experienced that suffer from much more frequently more, next week, below next week, you still still can be only ” the door that training uses will ” , say the dot is cannon fodder badly to listen, can you bear with equanimity? The effort that knows perfectly well this week attacks ball, the likelihood that changes just also continues to be in training next week by a shoot — this accepts quite hard really.

Hard to avoid becomes angry

More what is more,the rather that you are returned cannot to take care of 3 mood, sedulous now and then let bench of his before last, this is just the opposite to what one wished probably. The 3rd when in those days team staff member asks He Ercheng will ask the priestess – whether can Werner give fight, werner answers: “What to do, am I looked like want to come on the stage? I at 12 o’clock half with respect to his X arrive here trained! ” subsequently one face gloomy countenance kills Werner answered bathhouse.

The club asked a circumstance later, fertile accept explain understands his dismay, next that match on Werner bench, he thought he enters rotate at this point — but do not have apparently. Play a game, advocate handsome Phil – Braun takes him again. Werner is furious run to look for Braun directly, gotten response is, oh, the parent group that an adversary is you is Liverpudlian, I think you can sit gladly of bench.

Is your his X serious? Erupted by Wonache, father need not you carry single-handed, let me see see Anfeierde is what kind of! The route that the sod that I had stepped over has taken than be here is much still! Braun is impolite also, such, you a bureau. Then Werner what is offensive forward Braun an accost, throw the door and go out.

The two gates of graceful couplet will

True? Very true. Door general belongs to special type of work originally on the football ground, to the grade of brunt reserve the requirement compares other position even clearer. More or less can other position still scoop up a dot to come on the stage fragmentarily time, the door will be or full or likely 0, the difficulty that PK drops parity buy brunt also should be gotten greatly much. More never mention it 3, how does graceful couplet chat again, also be heart He Yahe the thing of Luo Mei collect.

Resemble so plum – Gelante such Laomen general, with respect to the position that fits 3 to hold the position of graceful couplet very much. He can accept current fixed position calmly, to young player people should become good example, to him himself character, besides ” graceful couplet player ” bright besides, also be actually those who get career of a profession is smooth and steady. Compared with went up roam about everywhere after age, the job that has a quiet calm is not quite good.

This plants 3 of the type, it is each team undoubtedly hope those who have is outstanding ” water machine administrator ” : Cautious and conscientious, do not get beautiful head not make trouble, when having need, still can take take a youth. Had better return can become a happy fruit is active bathhouse atmosphere, perhaps give teammate on bench people odd. It is actually in team of a lot of rich and powerful family, episcopal practice is the positive effect that has praised the 3rd will give team to bring.

When who is young to want to enter the court?

Two kinds of the 3rd door general said before, one kind is the life that tastes football 100 condition, set his mind at to develop professional career the Laomen of more than heat will, one kind is not reconciled to calls a reserve, hard to avoid is pettish the door that considers a person will. And still have a kind, it is wet behind the ears new face, the 3rd door general that the door that sets his mind at to mature relatively in two grows back slowly.

As Xiaonian light, they still do not want to enter the court certainly really, coming on the stage in old team also is happy, pressure of it doesn’t matter, not sad also. Go occasionally the guest field with a few hot atmosphere, the wicket that sits on bench still will be met even want, big brother does not give what issue, I can not think. In those days, qieerxi’s wicket thinks Pijieli so namely.

But he also realizes later, the idea that this kind of mood is at that time only, can change at any time. Later his professional career lead a vagrant life, do not kick again on brunt when hard to avoid is met very depressed. When Kadifu holds the position of 3, he produced discomfort with drill team, be of course in the heart think so — that fellow of his X how can you discharge in front of me?

The 3rd door general, a special existence

So, they are the parts that existence feeling does not have most in the battle array, media spear short big gun sweeps the blind area that be less than, the unique cushy job that surrounds the light in eye of the person that watch to take money to need not work well — but they are to need to do good dying to recieve orders at any time of preparation reliable one member, also be to need what cautious and conscientious helps team together blast in, more want to be able to be accepted and even answer a training long-term and as dry as a chip loop unlike contest actively.

In the final analysis, can obtain contract of team of rich and powerful family really, even if be a the 3rd door general, do not have two brushes impossibly also. They just do not look of course water of machine, more what is more,the rather that, no matter be to calm the ground is accepted,look water machine this thing, still rely on chart ground to water this seriously opportunity is real go valueing, actually unusual trial person, also have knowledge greatly.

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