Suo Shuai: Graceful couplet double ace feeds cake ability too strong forward is kicked very much bright

618 combination B expends graceful couplet and Bogeba has cooperated played a few games, from the point of the effect on field, of two people cooperate pretty good, provided very powerful fire support for sharp edge line. Graceful couplet advocate handsome Suoersikeya is being accepted when interviewing, also be profuse in praise to this two people.

Graceful couplet double ace is very biting

Suo Shuai says: “Forward people know their back someone can out of thin air innovation gives a chance. One foot is suddenly clever below the circumstance that Bulunuoke does not have a space with be in pass creation to give a chance, bogeba also is such. They are the creative hands that pass a ball two, individual capability is very strong. As forward, in the kickball before these two person, it is a kind of fun for certain. It is a kind of fun for certain..

“I also have this kind of feeling in those days, I have Sikeersi after one’s death, bei Long, bei Kehan Mu, ji Gesi, I can be kicked very comfortably. I feel we can kick a lot of different tactics. Cloth Lu Nuo can be kicked among, can play right side, also can kick left. Can serve as 8, also can kick 10. Bogeba also is such. I still have Maiketuominai, fred, ma Di is strange, when picking a person so, I am met very headache. When picking a person so, I am met very headache..

“If we continue to be behaved well, continue to grow, we can obtain top class position… I know we can attract outstanding player, everybody knows graceful couplet can win cup again in a certain moment. Everybody knows graceful couplet can win cup again in a certain moment..

(Lei Li)

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