Bai Ai force will take-over Ao Di moves (Asia) branch of client racing bicycle

Bai Ai force (Alexander Blackie)

On June 30, 2020, beijing — Bai Ai force (Alexander Blackie) will replace Martin (Martin Kuehl) be in charge of Ao Di to move (Asia) branch of client racing bicycle, should appoint have formal go into effect from July 1, 2020. Martin is in go 9 years hold a post Ao Di China, achievement strikings, the plan after leaving off one’s post returns Germany.

“Professional work of campaign of racing bicycle of Ao Di of deep know well of Bai Ai force. The experience with old profit from, he is familiar with motorcade of 4 annulus brand and client case all the more, it is to take-over Ao Di moves (Asia) of branch of client racing bicycle not two anthology. ” Mr Liu Yi of sale of executive vice-president of Ao Di China, responsible market and marketing expresses, “We also very appreciate currently hold the post ofMartin of sectional inspector general to be opposite in going 9 years the outstanding contribution of Ao Di China, wish he did not come everything is successful. Wish he did not come everything is successful..

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