22 years fokelore removes a paragraph additionally after changing whether the Mount Taishan that again ” never falls “

Neat Lu Yi of · of Qi Lu evening paper nods reporter Li Kangning

Since 2020, the collapse of all sorts of order is solved, look have no time gives. Come when in year, line of Lu Nengtai mountain began equity to change again. Those who accompanying force of article of new boss Jinan enter advocate, orange fokelore of 22 years removes a paragraph additionally at this point.

Still remember last year right now, what dot of one of Qi Lu of · of You Qilu evening paper combines club of Lu Nengtai hill to initiate is fast show an activity, in Lu Nengtai Shan Daqiu field is performed. Before the contest that install more than 30000 fan meet Beijing country head-on in father-in-law team, as old as father-in-law name Han Peng, in chorus sings loudly Gong Ge.

Whose expect full after a year, wind chases billow to turn, unexpectedly the helm the destiny, unripe unripe twist to another channel. That ” we are wind, we are report, the blaze that we are tangerine… ” high-spirited battle song, bowstring stops music eventually nobody listen.

Girl child all corners of the country is old. Days of 22 years, do not calculate indeed too short, of go down in history as a honor ” chastity watchs treat ” , nevertheless also so a few year. Tian Yu resembling Guo the star of such hope, had not been born at that time. Of team of a lot of Mount Taishans dead faithful, in time of these more than 20 years, bump abundant is worn entered middleaged. Be like me such football news analyst, the time that ever also having pride — it is group nevertheless draft changes a few broken silver, what also let oneself however is hormonal secrete, fall as the tide since excited chirp sound tide, be enmeshed among them cannot extricate oneself.

The past can’ts bear turn one’s head, return so that look forth. At present this Yi Zhi changing a standard, make a person accident a bit. Look from the angle of fan, probably more it is sentiment and bewilderment. “Agree to arrive together originally hoary head, you however secretly oily ” , can describe the mood of most fan probably. Just, this the change is not probably temporarily actuation two-phase disappoint, have feeling among them but former there’s something behind all this. Old since, go from bad to worse of level of Chinese football athletics, but vendibility promotes ceaselessly. Blood transfusion of recumbent state-owend enterprise, the mode of extensive operation, it is to be afterwards hard from beginning to end. Increase national policy level adjust wait for an element, this should be this Lu Neng sports equity changes the big background that make. Caught up with by chance this year so the flat period of time of industry of one individual Yo, because of the pessimism of this everybody, appear some heavier.

Enter the battlefield of capital from the sand table of the football, not be an easy thing originally, also not be father-in-law club is long. Overall situation view, executive force is Shandong person especially the character of arteries and veins of blood of Shandong power development. So, below power division rash can father-in-law, have so little bottom of rich and powerful family is angry, however also dishonourable star frame. Add come for years green standard system is stronger, formed gradually deep curtilage the nature of courtyard — wish without what do sth unconventional or unorthodox scene, much those who nod lacking in initiative and overcautious is ample. After large stockholder turns Jinan article into brigade, how is investment ensured, the oneself of father-in-law club locates, perhaps can have certain displacement, by ” Shandong ” become ” Jinan ” , this also allows fan people the consequence to father-in-law team, generated doubt.

If return uncut jade,return actually true, the earliest father-in-law team, call football of general of Jinan Mount Taishan the team. The old team member such as the Su Maozhen of a suit white garment and Tang Xiao Cheng, also do not have actually how abrupt, regard orange garment as the impression of army group however, in the corner that keep recollects in fan. As to the question that the budget throws, look from equity agreement on one hand, shandong electric power and Lu Neng real estate still are club partner, the transition that also stayed 5 years period, temporarily between unapt still particularly embarrassed. More important is, father-in-law group should learn more ground and market union possibly, careful calculation and strict budgeting can be entered can retreat, promote the hematopoiesis of oneself capability. Can say, concussion can have for certain, but also need not worry too too. Without destruction there can be no construction, person tread out comes to the road.

Times of Lu Nengtai hill, brought countless honor and pride to us. Arrive from little known Balisida in world-class Buddhist nun of field Fei Lai, this is the testimony of reputation day grand; Cong Lixiao roc to Duan Liuyu, this is the souvenir of glorious inheritance. Jinan article brigade has experience ability to do dish of football, also need time to examine. In those days when Shandong electric power takes over group of general of Jinan Mount Taishan, do not have even foreign aids in the team, also be to feeling stone to cross a river. Now, have the father-in-law group of tremendous influence and system of complete blueness standard, always compare better at that time.

Come 22 years, a lot of jobs had produced besides field. “G7 revolution ” , ” bet instead sweep black ” , ” real moral character is ” wait clearly of old job of all corners of the country a moment to be in eye, impose ingoing constant old pattern, player nationalization, actually never disappear has stopped. Just, arrive now father-in-law team, must take out wisdom of more meet an emergency and professional drive, will answer change. Often thinking Still waters run deep. , actually the likelihood is to take measures without attention to the changes in circumstances.

“Father still bear is absolutely big desert, why does Zhu Jun well balanced newly to sob ” . Change crock new alcoholic drink to add a dish again, do not wear urgently drunk, time is early still.

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