Attrition! Cling to Sa bathhouse does not respond him to assistant dissatisfaction Mei Xi

Mei Xi is malcontent cling to Sa assistant Salaweiya

Broadcasting station of Er of Spanish a place of strategic importance reports, be in cling to in the training that the weekday on Sa undertakes, team coach team and player produced clash, and let a player people satisfactory least of all is trainer a few practices of Salaweiya.

After be forced make the same score by Saierda, ba Sazhou day undertook training, and according to Spain much home media reports, cling to Sa player and drill team the dialog with once nervous atmosphere. Ba Saqiu of it is reported member people let a bishop drill Salaweiya understands Saidien and trainer, they are very dissatisfactory to a few practices of Salaweiya.

This is not Ba Saqiu member for the first time so express, in the race that loses emperor horse, a few expression of Salaweiya ever caused controversy, he is attendant at that time the side is right cling to Sa player is done all sorts of censure.

Mei Xi did not pay attention to assistant Salaweiya

To Saierda’s match, camera patted Mei Xi to not be willing to listen to the picture that Salaweiya talks. When team has filling water, cling to Laweiya thinks Sa trainer Sa, talk with latter, however after Meixi discovers Salaweiya walks over, turned however went away personally, intended and evasive trainer. Salaweiya appears open-eyed, take the advantage of Mei Xi to drink water to take a side, he wants to go to the side of Mei Xi again, after Dan Mei puts down water bottle on the west, still be to go away quickly, talk without Laweiya audition Sa, his oversight trainer. According to the view of broadcasting station of Er of a place of strategic importance, ba Saqiu member people hope more Saidien is not Salaweiya will issue orders.

” A Si signs up for ” still leak more informations, the member that express Ba Saqiu fires Baerweide suddenly at the outset to the club, choose Saidien to resent. Cling to Sa player supports Baerweide, and even if team should be changed handsome, breath out dimension and they also hope those who change is is not Saidien.

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