Liaoning new aid! He did not hit a profession to take national line NCAA head beautiful 24+7

As Liaoning male basket change handsome, the innovation of team also begins to advance it seems that. New Shuai Yangming is divulged next sports season brigade are beautiful of young general Zhang Zhenlin join in even if the question mark that distant basket releases external.

Why of young general Zhang Zhenlin join in can you cause sensation one time? The prospective nova that regarding this force beautiful young general because of a lot of fan is Chinese male basket, and the youth that Liaoning male basket can take the lead in grabbing this next Shenyang to be born, outer bound looks undoubted is the anticipate the enemy of pair of future layout.

About Zhang Zhenlin, the fan that believes many attention China basketball won’t unfamiliar. Especially last summer, zhang Zhenlin is invited by Li Nan join Chinese male basket list of 12 people assemble for training, also be be not professional player exclusively among them. Such ” break rules ” , spread out many daydream for fan.

Break precedent to recruit the Zhang Zhenlin that still reading an university, reason no more than at 2 o’clock: It is him very gifted really, in young player period can reach the level of professional player. The 2 latent capacity that are him are worth drill team to break precedent, give him chance of an experienced degree.

But, is what Zhang Zhenlin comments on like the masses really the prospective nova of Chinese basket altar in that way?

Although Abudousha helps the competitor of national group assemble for training at that time,wood gives Zhang Zhenlin very high opinion, but in light of the result that did not take a line from final Zhang Zhenlin, very the position that group of nation of it’s hard to say can not have Zhang Zhenlin certainly.

The purpose that Li Nan recruits Zhang Zhenlin to join a group more resembling is the chance that gives him experienced level. Although Zhang Zhenlin already overseas made proper name, but the Zhang Zhenlin that is far from domestic basketball growing system for long, team of national group coach understands his and too won’t enough, its call together is entered more still is opposite the likelihood his to make an on-the-spot investigation.

Li Nan has been mentioned in also be being interviewed at that time, the purpose is for ” see national group future have an opportunity to use this to approve the child ” .

“Zhang Zhenlin is more special, his height is very tall, it is to hit 3, suit to slant now small basketball current. We need height, we have height, but the technology that has height is no good, it is so good that so we want to see his oneself condition be had after all. It is so good that so we want to see his oneself condition be had after all..

Those who change character, to Zhang Zhenlin ” break rules ” enter list of national group assemble for training, more still is the property that inspect, of course him player also gained superexcellent study opportunity, but should not be opposite this is excessive unscramble, also should not have blind faith in player leaving ocean so called endowment. Had circulated the Ma Jian that is city fokelore is typical case for example. Get the chance trying train of CBA team with respect to hand of ball resembling a street, do not prove he has the actual strength that calls CBA.

Besides the impressment of national group, another lets Zhang Zhenlin of fame big a confusion of voices is him 7 bank are taken in a show of NCAA. Tall figure, agile maneuverability, still have time of skill shoot a basket, make domestic fan right undoubtedly he much expect.

Without can deny, zhang Zhenlin is in Du Lan university head beautiful 24+7 special Jing is colourful. But actually, what Zhang Zhenlin is in Du Lan university is big one sports season has only all 6.5 minutes of 2.4 backboard.

Want to know, zhang Zhenlin’s field all 6+2 is built planish in every all 22.5 minutes, 30 still have sports season in field on 16 foundations that are a hair. Tell the truth, such expression lets a person very hard feel a surprise.

And, serve as to notch in order to project the player that give priority to, the Zhang Zhenlin shoot a basket of that sports season hits the target rate have 35.4% only, hit the target 3 minutes rate 29.5% , penalty shot hits the target rate also have 75.7% only, also saying to go up is an outstanding bowler.

If be an average American player, such data won’t make him get what pays close attention to necessarily. consider sth as it stands, cannot because Zhang Zhenlin is the Chinese player of brigade beauty, fan evaluates the report that he hands over with respect to the filter looking glass that taking a preference.

Once fan mixes Zhang Zhenlin 8 villages undertakes Japanese nova quite, because of their age similar, it is be born in the Asia, young period just chooses the young player of brigade beauty.

But compared with the 8 villages that can have stood firm in NBA, zhang Zhenlin is put in not little difference really. Even if is with the university the expression of period contrasts, zhang Zhenlin is in ahull completely also.

Although 8 villages is in,the new beautiful sports season that ridge Sa increases also is behaved not beautiful, but after overcoming language obstacle, the 8 villages that gains an opportunity produced qualitative change on field, big one, big 2, rise before 3 annual show are compared one year greatly a step, finished hop 3 when be in an university years, and of Zhang Zhenlin big 2 sports season do not have too much progress basically, perhaps say — dozen of his law and imaginary space had finalized the design.

Although 8 villages also is the player of sharp edge line that gives priority to with notching, but he is more comprehensive, and the speed that study grows is more apparent, junior when the 8 villages that makes center in Japan, complete in Gangsajia’s short time transition holds the player of sharp edge line of accept heart type high for Lai.

And dozen of law of Zhang Zhenlin is drabber, can the characteristic of shoot a basket also did not develop preterhuman and first-class standard. Although static quality is inviting (be close to 2 meters of great stature bowler of 10) , but right field is temperamental, compared with once the domestic elder of brigade beauty people still have the difference that comparative.

Du Lan university is being pushed go up especially the official placard that released a piece of new sports season, do not see Zhang Zhenlin’s figure among them, it seems that this more sit the sports season below solid Zhang Zhenlin joins in the message of Liaoning male basket. Now evening paper of day distant Shenyang also reports, zhang Zhenlin and Liaoning team already were reached consistent, former will suspensory school work joins in Liaoning.

Outer bound looks, zhang Zhenlin looks be like is the auspicious perspective that abandoned brigade beautiful career, take advantage of a favorable situation actually join in Liaoning male basket just is his best choice. After all Zhang Zhenlin does not resemble the elder such as Zhou Qi, Yi Jianlian, he infiltrates the perspective of NBA is not clear, say to compare difficulty even.

Plus risk of American epidemic situation taller, return NCAA of go on an expedition of Du Lan university to do not have too much advantage to Zhang Zhenlin. The scope that does not define for with its continues to float in the United States, be inferior to taking advantage of a favorable situation join Liaoning male basket, it is oneself first in the future profession career paves a road. To Zhang Zhenlin, stay in home, strive for an opportunity that makes famous hall in CBA hard, just be sexual price compares taller choice.

It is Zhang Zhenlin not only, for beautiful to other force player, CBA of have sth in mind also is plan of a before last.


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