On the west intermediary: Cling to Sa high level still supports Saidien to talk 2 hours in its home

Saidien is in cling to the unfavorable situation of Sa is worse and worse

Saidien is in cling to of Sa teach encountered the crisis, nevertheless cling to Sa high level still stands in him at present this at the same time. According to ” daily sports signs up for ” the report says, batuomeiwu is guided cling to Sa share high level goes together in Saidien’s home, undertook is as long as with him the talk of 2 hours, expressed to support to him.

In going to Home Saidien this cling to Sa high level besides Batuomeiwu, still CEO case pulls Si Ka – Boerdasi of Gelawu, manager, vice-chairman is made an appointment with enlighten – Mo Wa, CTO Abidaer, and Technical Division tall canal is pulled unconscious – Pulangci. They are in Zhou Yi arrived afternoon local time in Saidien’s home, analytic team present delicate unfavorable situation.

The broadcasting station that add peaceful discloses, conference of this high level undertakes in the home in Saidien, whole meeting lasted about the time of 2 hours, analysed coach and player people between a few attrition of existence, at the same time consultative also his after the event is right this processing technique. Cling to Sa high level expressed to support to Saidien, know his tune and support the decision that he makes, for example his put sb in a very important position to young player, also be in what athletics layer faces team to rise to him express to praise, for example team forces in perch grab the progress that waits for a respect, let him how issue a heart to prepare to be the same as Ma Jing’s match next well.

” daily sports signs up for ” and ” world sports signs up for ” express, they are in after with Basanei department staff undertakes contacting, the other side expresses in succession cling to the plan that Sa did not dismiss Saidien at present.

The person such as Batuomeiwu attends a meeting in Home Saidien

But although cling to Sa high level expressed to support to Saidien, but at present cling to Sa still nots allow in the circumstance in league matches hopeful, they are in emperor horse lags behind 2 minutes on integral a list of names posted up, next team goes to guest field kicking Ma Jing and Biliyaleiyaer even in the meantime, saidien’s challenge is far still did not end.

Besides, intermediary returns exposure Meixi and Lajidiji to disregard assistant in the match on the west Salaweiya’s directive, the relation of bathhouse and drill team also got likewise the doubt of media and fan.

(Lin Dengmo)

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