Does 31+16 of Beijing black tower send 5 caps to have couplet of Zhou Qi A only again can one battle?

Beijing time is late on July 1, conquer of 96-72 of Beijing male basket Guangzhou male basket, beijing team foreign aids spends a war 33 minutes especially, obtained the bright look data that 31 minutes 16 backboard still have lid hat 5 times. Make a game, spend especially almost unmanned below basket can block, his shoot a basket hits the target leading is 19 cast 13 in, be as high as 68% . In addition penalty shot also is 6 cast 5 in. In the respect covering a cap that he is good at most, spend especially send 5 chaffy dish once more, since making the same score intermediary heat new tall.

Today this match, guangzhou male basket is hit by Beijing team some do not break through Cheng Jun, face in planted agent receive teammate again and again clever those who pass spend especially, it is to feel some have no way to prevent more case. Team square large and Lin Shuhao give Beijing to be spent especially one after another send the chance that discounts basket easily below basket, whole match is spent especially obtained 3 times cruel the chance that discount.

In before this sports season half paragraphs CBA match, beijing team is in spent the rotate with Hanmierdu to affect the position that spends especially especially. And after intermediary heat, use only spend especially let him seek a perception gradually instead. He played 5 games after intermediary heat, 2 are taken of 30+ notch. Should know to be before CBA half of a game or contest, he notchs once only went up 30. Spend the attack efficiency with efficient planted agent to let person sip tongue especially now. He almost the shoot a basket of every match hits the target rate maintain in 60% above, move outside 3 minutes of lines rarely, issue attack in basket only. Can protect a rebound very well, covering a cap is his greatest specialty place more. The planted agent of Beijing male basket that is denounced all the time, recumbent the play that spends especially, can mix eventually other team one relatively relative superiority or inferiority.

Break up at present the name of CBA planted agent, have Zhou Qi only probably, yi Jianlian still has Wang Zhelin to be able to be mixed present spend especially one definitely relative superiority or inferiority. After intermediary heat, spent the fan that lets think he can cover a cap only for a time to know his afresh especially, so he also is a good planted agent that can attack be apt to to defend. So in this special sports season, lin Shuhao and spend especially can you guide Beijing team to advance hand in hand much further? This is true let a person expect.


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