Renown occasion! The handclasp in cloth of Du Feng horse speaks: Two professions simperingly

Mabuli and Du Feng last handclasp is not happy

The smile after two people are surpassed is full

Meet to laugh at enemy of die out favour

Beijing time is late on July 1, face expedite 10 people rotate only, snow hides the north of 3 brunt to accuse male basket, guangdong team 136-91 surpasses rival greatly.

Photograph comparing is in last time at two teams last year the fight hand to hand when December, it is gentle that today’s match can says clinking. In that match December, north accuses recumbent the play of 3 foreign aids, defeated Guangdong male goal with 126-111 unexpectedly, terminative of adversary 12 Lian Sheng.

Besides the match, in Du Feng and equestrian cloth after contest a series of interacting at that time also was to cause fan dye-in-the-wood attention. After be being surpassed at that time, two people are to be after handclasp of foul line carelessly first, respective station presents his compliment in place and juridical handclasp. Subsequently the face about in Ma Bu goes away, but walk out of a few paces to seemed what to hear only, immediately what is face about saying to Du Feng, and right now Du Feng also is leaving, he is same face about the directional talk about again and again to Mabuli a few. Mabuli sees shape continues the frontier says the edge moves toward Du Feng, right now judgment and the person around hasten come over to cut off Du Feng and Mabuli come, within an inch of considers conflicting into.

Last handclasp…

The reporter discloses, because Mabuli cold-shoulders Du Feng,two people produce conflict may be when handclasp inadequate air, said to Du Feng: “Shake My Hand Like A Man ” (resemble a man following my handclasp euqally) .

Also because of this thing, fan people very expect north accuses 2 fight hand to hand with Guangdong male basket tonight. Did not think of the choice in Ma Bu is strategical abandon, whole match also sits up coach seat, before was being done not have right-down one passion and hot. And after the match of current evening ends, he and Du Feng are embraced enthusiasticly after foul line handclasp, two people showed bright smile. Face this one act, more or less does the fan that some are waiting for to value play have some of disappointment, the netizen speaks ” two individual professions simperingly ” , “A golden pheasant, a 100 flowers, so decided! ” .

Of the netizen speak return speak, contest won’t make an inessential convention long of course the how many dimple since the extensive in the heart in the Du Feng of classics battlefield and Ma Bu. If two teams can encounter in the contest after season, the ability when believing can have real good fun to perform.


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