Spark bumps into the earth! 10 thousand goals are opposite Mei Xilai definitely who is just most Jiang Feng bully

Mei Xilai PK of 10 thousand fronts

“The goal is right definitely ” , the Spain August 12 ” daily sports signs up for ” made such headline, introduced to Meixi and Laimoduofusiji cover.

” daily sports signs up for ” point out, cling to Sa is right Bai Ren’s match, also be Mei Xi and Laimoduofusiji is right definitely. Mei Xi is the 2nd big shot on Europe coronal history, had infiltrated 115 balls. Laimoduofusiji is forward of this first-rate of sports season condition, he this sports season infiltrated in Ou Guan 13 balls.

With respect to this sports season, laimoduofusiji is Bai Renmu the Buddhist nun is black come on the stage 44 times, infiltrate 53 balls, efficiency is astonishing, and Mei Xi is behaved also perfectly, although this sports season his level inferiors slightly it seems that at before a few sports season, but he this sports season is cling to Sa comes on the stage 43 times, also infiltrated 31 balls.

Mei Xilai big fight of 10 thousand goals

Be worth what carry is, bai Renmu spoke of Lai of Mei Xi VS before Mu Le of Buddhist nun black field the problem of 10 thousand, he expresses: “Final of Ou Guan 1/4, we will see these two players are the same as an athletics, lai is behaved on use of the 10 thousand meetings when arriving will answer this question. Lai is behaved on use of the 10 thousand meetings when arriving will answer this question..

To such contrast, fan is Mei Xi complain of being wronged: “Mei Xi should score a goal with Laimobi number, man following man compares secondary attack, break through with Neimaerbi… this also is strange! ” still fan points out, meixi and Lai 10 thousand not be contrapuntal contrast, mei Xi’s bogus 9, between the waist before positional interpose is mixed at forward, and Lai 10 thousand it is center, the characteristic of two people and position are not same. Without giving thought to how, the expression of two people will decide in very old rate cling to Sa is right the victory or defeat of Bai Ren match.

(Yi 10 thousand)

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