Newspaper of money of the 2nd season records F1 giganticly deficient main reason is Q2 does not have a match

Newspaper of money of the 2nd season records F1 giganticly to have a deficit

The bulletin of money of the 2nd quarter that government of Zhou Yi F1 issues shows, the influence that the global each country that is caused by new coronal epidemic situation blocks, the income of F1 of the 2nd quarter fell 2020 96% , from 2019 the 620 million dollar of Q2 falls this year the 24 million dollar of Q2. 2019 Q2, f1 registers the gain that got record-breaking 14 million dollar, to this year Q2, this number turned deficit into 136 million dollar.

The main income of F1 comes from the match to undertake income of contract of charge, television relay, advertisement and sponsor income. F1 expresses: The account that income acute reduces is Q2 does not have a match, the sponsor contract related to the match cannot be carried out. In addition, the match undertakes charge, television relay charge also did not enter Zhang, the other income of F1 also falls to close to 0.

Do not have match F1 to also did not pay operation fund to F1 motorcade nevertheless. This defray was the corresponding period last year 335 million dollar.

To alleviate financial pressure, f1 deferred what be not crucial charge partly to happen, cost of land of bold and resolute was adopted to cut a plan in the 2nd quarter, include to cut down blame is necessary charge, fall firewood and reduce bonus expenditure.

In F1 England headquarters, the personnel that has 50% about applied for temporarily unemployed.

Triumphant thunder expresses the CEO of F1: “Match regression made them special July hearten ” , the match of his predicting annual is 15-18 field.

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