Coronal of library bird Europe kicks Basake in order to come on the stage! There is evasive clause in the contract

Kudiniao can give fight cling to Sa

Spain ” Ma Ka signs up for ” point out in newest report, shortly will come cling to Sa is right in final of Ou Guan 1/4, kudiniao may give cling to on Sa general one army. The Brazilian is cling to of Sa lend-lease Bai Ren, but he helps Bai Ren fall into disuse likely cling to Sa. Because be in Kudiniao’s contract, do not have evasive cling to the clause of Sa. Introducing Kudiniao is cling to on Sa club history most one of operations of failure that bring hold, if cling to Sa is washed out by the goal of library bird again, that is right cling to the blow of Sa is even big.

If be washed out by Bai Ren, that is right cling to this will be a disappointing sports season for Sa, the first since team will greet 2007-08 sports season 4 big all empty sports season.

And right cling to for Sa, still put in a kind of more painful possibility: Basayin is Kudiniao’s goal and be washed out. This Brazilian is in week of part in 5 matches, meet a person blame strange feeling. Cling to Sa experiences the one act that emperor horse had experienced 2003 probably, that is washed out by the goal of oneself player namely, at that time is the horse of emperor of a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord that Moluntesi helped Monaco wash out his.

Right cling to the match of Sa, kudiniao may come on stage in the second half, contrapuntal Luobaituo and plum of a place of strategic importance are much. Kudiniao likes to leave frontier way to arrive in service right leg shoot, cling to Sa must vigilant.

Be worth what carry is, bai Ren won’t have left Kudiniao certainly, and his turn meeting problem is in very hard short-term inside solve. After such sports season end, kudiniao return cling to Sa, a few week hind he likelihood and Ba Saqiu member train together. If he uses a goal to fall into disuse cling to Sa, mix at the appointed time cling to do Sa high level and teammate meet can you show awkwardness slightly? (Yi 10 thousand)

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