Many exceed in fill vacancies in the proper order handsome already notted agree with deep sufficient expect Luneng epicycle meets standard of earthy Shuai Dou

Undertook on August 10 in the race transcending in field, course of study of Shenzhen beautiful million 1: 2 build changeover of course of study by adversary Henan. This is afterwards 2: 3 not enemy Shanghai explain flower, 1: 3 not enemy after Guangzhou constant is big, deep another sufficient suffers a defeat. Be in deep sufficient 3 after be defeated repeatedly, 11 days, government of industry of Shenzhen beautiful million announces, team advocate handsome Duonaduoni finishs class, hold the position of commissarial practice by Zhang Xiaorui, gao Lin holds the position of acting assistant.

Neat Lu Wan signs up for · neat Lu Yi to nod reporter Ji Yu

Much more handsome already did not accord with anticipate

By last year July, exceed 12 rounds in difficult sufficient experience deeply later, before advocate Shuai Ka collect is resigned post. In team the case with the not clear situation that maintain level falls, the person that the Duonaduoni that having rich meaning armour to protect degree experience becomes the succeed sb in a post of card collect. The message says, to ask much more handsome give mountain, high level of beautiful million employment ever went to Italy in person, knock with him decided a by a definite date one year the contract of half.

What dying recieves orders is much more handsome did not guide team to finish the job that maintain level, duonaduoni took a team to finish finally 10 rounds of matches, obtain only 1 get the better of 4 average 5 negative result, penult of final deep sufficient rank demotes. Fortunately, after Tianjin day sea is disbanded, of the armour in should demoting originally deep sufficient, new fill vacancies in the proper order is entered in super- .

This sports season, deep sufficient recommended 19 new aid record-breakingly, among them player of class of base of nation thering is no lack of. Arrange of this with one action, confirm maintaining level had been deep no longer ample cause. The armour in if say much Naduoni,teaching returns more than sufficient, so in team fill vacancies in the proper order in entering, exceed, below the case that had taller pursuit again, much more handsome the expectation that has accorded with a club no longer.

Military successes not beautiful is to finish class advocate because of

Finish class as to Duonaduoni reason, the outside opinionses vary. At present the sound of the mainstream has 3: Will impeach of choose and employ persons, handsome estrangement, direct is contradictory. Media points out, wintry window is much more handsome this year disregard a high level to ask to citing the age of aid, the benefit of Ma Yi of sagacious of Swiss nation base that insists to introduce 34 years old, and final this foreign aids lost an election difficult full name is single. This one incident caused the dissatisfaction of club high level. In addition, deep sufficient the message that will handsome estrangement comes out ceaselessly during preparing for war, add competition ground to go up to face a substitution indescribably, became a hint foreshadowing later developments in a story that Duonaduoni finishs class.

Make clear the detail that brings about Duonaduoni to finish class without any authoritative information at present, also be the media speculation on factual foundation only. What can decide exclusively is, achievement is not ideal it is much more handsome the main reason that finish class. What there is a good deal of investment before new sports season begins is deep sufficient, an a dark horse that in be being considered as generally, exceeds. Deep full not negative also popular confidence, first-run match 3: 0 get the better of rich force to obtain make a good beginning greatly. But next team suffers however 3 be defeated repeatedly.

Obtain in team 3 after be defeated repeatedly, of fan of not only Shenzhen finish class sound, in still having team, drill about the bishop ” proud, obstinate, force disease ” ” affection business is small ” ” inexorable opinion ” ” team member lets close to kick when attending a meeting, ask high pressure goes defending again when the match ” wait for the sound that spit groove. Final, deep sufficient high level eventually resolved change Duonaduoni.

Lu Neng will encounter earthy commander in chief match powers

Although arrive from last year now, in 15 matches that Duonaduoni teachs only two victories, but much more handsome be not without a single redeeming feature. This year deep sufficient in as big as constant game, duonaduoni’s team shows an interest of very pliable but strong, although final deep sufficient fail to take next victories, but that match became those who hit most hardly before constant is big 3 rounds however. Lu Neng is grabbed through going all out actively in on one round of match win next victories, sufferred Duonaduoni namely probably inspire.

The adversary of a match is line of Lu Nengtai mountain. Four-wheel match looked once upon a time, difficulty of course of study of million of beautiful of the Shenzhen below Lu Nengying is not great, beautiful million owner is handsome queasy the likelihood that also increased a few minutes of victories to Lu Nengping. Before the message says Chongqing is contemporary advocate handsome small Keluyifu has affirmed teach deep sufficient, he is being finished enter a country after segregation observes, the identity that with beautiful million course of study the 7th bishop drills, exceed in the go on an expedition that head a group, nevertheless this message has not gotten the government affirm.

Before this, deep sufficient will take up the post of a representative by Zhang Xiaorui advocate handsome finish transfer, coach of this Tianjin book is in player period ever selected pass Chinese nation group and Chinese nation abstruse team, ever held the position of Tianjin to counterpoise 2016 be good at the leader of a sports team. Lu Neng and deep ample competition, will be this sports season place receives line of Lu Nengtai mountain first law of earthy Shuai Dou.

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