The talent is hired to will be shifted to an earlier date outside emperor horse recall! Not hesitate wish to pay penalty due to breach of contract

Be stranded heart is high regain emperor horse

Heart of be stranded of the field in Norway of 21 years old is high the rental contract with royal society is by a definite date 2 sports season, occupy Spain nevertheless ” A Si signs up for ” , ” Ma Ka signs up for ” wait for much home media to report, below Qidanei’s requirement, emperor horse has decided today summer reclaim be stranded heart is high.

Because Ou Guan is washed out early, the team construction program of emperor horse appeared about-face. Emperor horse has informed royal society, end be stranded sainted to lease ahead of schedule period, let its return to Bainawu, for this emperor horse the likelihood needs to pay penalty due to breach of contract. Go up sports season, be stranded heart kicks the unboiled water that get wind high to rise in royal society. This also is the first to new sports season requirement inside Qi Da.

Highland of be stranded heart returns the training before Anuoaida has season on August 14 originally. Look now nevertheless Qidanei is very good to this player impression, especially royal society is on kingly cup 4 in comparing the 3 competitions that beat emperor horse, be such more, that match undertakes in field of Bai Na black.

Be stranded heart is high do not like his experience in battalion of Huang Maqing example, but he had a few sports season recently very great progress, and had gained Qidanei’s favour. Emperor horse goes out in Ou Guan bureau the think of a way that also affected Qidanei probably: Originally reliable medium Kasaimiluo, Crosse and Modeliji were not in a 3 people group to bring a victory to team giving in the match of graceful city, team needs new power.

This be stranded heart is downy expression that hope to stay in royal society, but after chatting with Qidanei, he changed think of a way. Qidanei says to him, he can compete the position of a covey, and the proposal that Fuluolundinuo of emperor horse chairman agreed with French coach, had talked with royal society high level. (Saierjiao)

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