Pi Erluo assumes office the first autograph wants to buy him in former days blame Wen Feng bully is C collect cent to press

Pi Erluo takes up the post of Youwentusi advocate handsome hind, the hope introduces Mo La tower to reinforce sharp edge line.

” SportItalia ” say, pi Erluo plans to undertake adjustment to sharp edge line, because Yi melon predicts meeting drop out, dibala is met way of more and responsible frontier, the road should have one person to be C collect to partake in pressure, you Wenxin’s handsome look takes aim to Molada. 2014-15 sports season, pi Erluo and Molada are in together Youwentusi kickball, carry off king of domestic double coronal, hit into finals in Ou Guan.

Moladaben sports season comes on the stage 34 times in Ma Jing, hit into 12 balls. He and domestic person like Italian life very much, in clever have house property, often go back go vacationing. Nevertheless, ma Jing predicts this the meeting is right 27 years old center opens a brushstroke higher ask a price, at least won’t under the 65 million euro that introduced him last summer.

(Jiang Daoyuan)

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