The contest after season is first-run the alliance after beginning will allow a player to carry 4 caller to enter garden area

Direct seeding dispatch NBA and player labour union issued note to team on August 12, in surpass from season hind first-run after beginning, will allow player general its family member and ” the personal friend that already established long-term stable relationship ” head division of intermediary heat garden.

Express in the note that alliance issues, every player can lead 4 visitor (do not calculate children) enter garden area, caller people after detecting through new coronal, can allow to watch game. Every visitor that player place invites, the city will is in to keep apart 3 days in pushball team, fly to Orlando to keep apart 4 days again subsequently; Perhaps fly to Orlando to accept 7 day segregation directly.

Every player general is a caller to offer bank note of a piece of ball in the contest after every season, and can be height 32 inches (about 81 centimeters) the following children offers additional ball bank note.

Additional, the have not before this and player had met, and interact intimately with the player these two kinds of very few people, will serve as caller without the qualification. (for example, the person that knows on gregarious media with the player only, will serve as caller without the qualification)


[origin: Direct seeding]

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