F1 | Farad benefit will change for Weiteer a new chassis

Saibasidian Weiteer will be in this F1 Spain on the weekend gets a new chassis in large award competition, one discovered after because farad benefit is in,the silver-colored stone of day is surpassed last week ” little trouble ” .

“Saibasidian will have a new chassis, because be in after Yin Shi’s contest after the analysis, we discovered a little trouble (Small Fault) the severe impact kerb that cause, this won’t produce too big effect to expression, but this is logical decision. ” of responsible batholith project · Rhys tower is cheated on the west (Simone Resta) the explanation says.

Farad benefit already ready-made is received it is intractable that one is spent in Spain on the weekend, torrid weather also can bring more challenges.

“One knows this is not to us when we arrive at Barcelona relaxed on the weekend, considering the test case Feburary, ” Meng Leisida says on the west. “Apparent, we will encounter hotter weather, circuit temperature predicts outclass 40 ℃ . This will be a main factor, when should involving tire function especially, see on Yin Shi like us in that way. See on Yin Shi like us in that way..

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